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Bless your mind, healthy body & soul and meditate 🧘‍♀️☯️


n order to keep on going and stay sain in this crazy world I meditate. I admit I find it hard. Sometimes I do it while poledancing, or shadowboxing or cycling. But in order to really feel what’s going on and letting go I sit still for 5-15 minutes. When I wake up, sit on a rock or before bedtime. It can be anywhere. I love this rock I found on one of my hikes. Paradise is not a place; it’s a state of consciousness 🤲🏼

I have many benefits from journal writing and breathing excercises. Meditation gave me more inspiration on the good and to ‘switch off’ for a moment. I didn’t realize how much negativity and stress were eating away at both my mental and physical energy. I learned to be more grateful for another blessed day and accept failure in healthier ways 💛💜

It’s a small effort to give your nervous system a hugely important reset/boost. In the end a few min is nothing really but oh so precious. Just give it a try. Feel what crazy thoughts or anxiety is moving you. Don’t let it get to you. I make them smaller, categorize them, kinda push them away etc and when I open up my eyes it’s still there but doesn’t make me mad anymore. I am relaxed, feel powerful and good to go 🔥

I love Vipassana by @tarabrach (thank you Tara!) ❤️ Go to @insighttimer app, it has thousands of free meditations and courses. I can’t tell you you a must do, it’s very personal. I tried many until I found what suits me. Or read this first:

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