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The Nina Method

Empowerment through

  • Kickboxing

  • Forty Fit Fab program

  • Hormone balancing by Hormoonfactor 

  • NASM certified PT

  • Food plans

  • Virtual Workouts

  Fitness plan for free!  

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I'm here for



It’s never too late for new beginnings in your life. Difficult roads often leads to beautiful destinations. Happiness is not coming ready-made. It comes from your own actions. Start by doing what’s necessary. Than do what’s possible. And suddenly you are doing the impossible! I can help you getting closer to your goals. 

I know from experience life has it's challenges. I broke many bones, survived life threatening illnesses and learned how to cope with stress. I know how to overcome some of life's hardships. 

Your health is so precious, I am here for you to become more happy & resilienceI love when a client starts to shine & sparkle. A smile on your face after a great workout and an improvement in your fitness is what makes me tick. New found energy, self-love and confidence is contagious! My goal in life is to help you be the best version of your self ♡

100% Customised To You


Everyone has different life paths, physiques, desires and goals. It's important you do something you really like and will stick with long term. The key to result is customisation.


As I am passionate about many sports I’m sure we find something you will LOVE for the long run. Together we find back your happiness by a complete fitness overhaul. I offer various tailor made programs, this is why I call it The Nina Method; 40+ Fit & Fab, Wedding Plan, Break Up Boost, Post- Pregnancy or miscarrige, Happy Hormones, Mindfulness Kickboxing or Self Defence classes.


By combining my competition level martial arts career with extensive education in sports medicine, nutrition and hormonal balancing, we set up reachable fitness goals. I define a custom made NASM strength or conditioning exercise plan that works for you. The training location is flexible. We can train at a gym, at your home, on a beautiful location outside. I monitor your eating habits and lifestyle. I create an additional food plan based on hormonal balancing.


Please contact me if you have questions!

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Kickboxing is Core


Kickboxing is my core focus. It's an incredible combination of technique, strength, high intensity conditioning training. On top of that it increases your self-confidence & ability to defend yourself. No contact is necessary but it has all the benefits of pro kickboxing. Since I am also a NASM educated Personal Trainer we always train safe, I will not force your body into doing things you can't do. 

Being trained by the best kickboxing coaches in the world, Sensei's Mousid Akhamrane (Mousid Gym) and Ivan Hippolyte (Vos Gym), I will make sure to sharpen your Dutch style kickboxing technique and make you sweat as hell.

I am convinced you will become a fighter in no time! Once you are hooked on adrenaline and endorphines you change your lifestyle, food, alcohol intake, sleep rythm everything! And you can't wait for next training. Ussshh

Happy Clients

Some sweet reviews


Anastasia, Kyiv Ukraine 

I always feel super happy once we finish training. My body is super toned, I am super fit! Because of Nina's energetic but empathic approach I have more self-confidence and more energy to take care of myself & my family and every day's challenges.

Olivier Wallien, CEO

I just ❤️ Nina! She's the best.
Great workouts and fantastic nutrition

Linda, Gemeente Amsterdam

Nina is een fantastische trainer! Ze
weet me altijd te motiveren om net dat stapje verder te zetten en het maximale uit mezelf te halen. Ik ben van nature geen sporter, maar ik vind de sessies met Nina echt leuk. Ze zijn afwisselend en uitdagend genoeg om me scherp te houden. Ik merk elke week hoeveel voortgang ik geboekt heb en ik voel me sterker en fitter. Daarnaast is Nina ook
gewoon een onwijs leuk mens :). 

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